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Design and Develop software according to your business model. Get fully customized application according to your requirement.


With the help of software, you can easily enhance the efficiency of your staffs and if the efficiency of your staff increases then your profit will increase automatically. The software will help you in lots of way such as managing data, your paperwork will reduce and your communication with your customers will increase.


Software Development in Patna


Efficient Billing Application can help you in managing billing details and information related to them such as date, day, time. It will help you in reducing administration and you can easily view and compare your inbound and outbound cash flow. The inbuilt reporting system will inform you about total reporting data such as day wise expense and income details, monthly, yearly income, and expense details. You can easily track your company loss and profit. On the basis of that, you can take strong decisions. In this application, we are also providing staff salary managing details through which you can add you reduce the incentive for your staff and incentive will be calculated automatically at the time of billing.


Our Real Estate Application is one of the best real estate management software. It has been designed and developed according to the basic requirement of real estate companies. Through this application, you can add your plot, flat and property selling details, property purchasing details, staff salary details, appointment details, bank expenditure details and day-to-day expense details. This application is developed using c sharp technology which is object oriented as well as most secure language. Here from this application, you can keep payment record. you can add installment date so that you can easily take installment from your customers. This application comes with inbuilt SMS sending facility so that you can send SMS to your customer few days before of installment date.

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Custom Software Development in Patna


Hostel Management Software is made to simplify the managing process of Hostels and PG. With the help of this application, you can add your member details of your PG you can track payment record of each member. This software comes with SMS Sending facility, You can easily search update or modify any record. Receipt printing facility. It also keep a record of total printed receipt so that you can easily find your total income. It has inventory system of total grocery items and other items required for your PG and Hostel. you can enhance your Pg and Hostel Management with the help of this software very easily.


If you are an owner of a Gym and you are facing problem in keeping record, maintaining customer relationship and finding difficulty in making exercise routine. If you are unable to keep health record of your Gym Member such as height, weight loss and gain, body transformation record etc. then you should use our Gym Management Software. With the help of this application, you can easily manage your gym members details, their joining date, leaving date, re-joining date etc. This application is fully customized and useful for Gym Owners.

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